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... cause tomorrow, Spring is here. And I, the cool blue dude with an attitude, am going to enlighten you all on what is happening and what is to come!


Well, this Wednesday, I'm gonna to a nearby dentist for an evaluation and get one or two of my cavities filled in. I've estimated it to be at least $150. And that's for just one tooth. I have four cavities, so each filling, with a dental card, is supposed to cost $100 per tooth.  $220 when not covered at all. So not only am I'm struggling to get our bills paid each month, but I also need to get my teeth filled ASAP, or my next trip will be the root canal. Ouch, man. And I forgot to mention the first time that my folks are also a month behind on our TV bill, which is about $125/month. Two more reasons why I'm opening for commissions and Patreon requests.

If you're interested, here are the prices and TOS ➡️
And Patreon (again) ➡️

Now then, for the furry and pony news:
Hopefully, if things go well, I shall have the intro to Rupert Reacts uploaded by either tomorrow or Tuesday.
Also, I REALLY miss being heavily active here for you, guys. And I was wondering, do you think I can do a group chat? I just want to see if any of my watchers here are on the same page as me, so nobody will be missing out.

Next, I'm thinking of implementing "Rupert Meets Equestria", my first fanfic with Rupert in the land of multi-colored horses, and making a comic series from the idea.

Lastly, not only am I'm aiming to raise $500 to get a PC built (this is to replace this laggy laptop and get something that will help me do more work faster), but also I believe that a drawing tablet upgrade is long overdue. So I just recently sought out this one:

That's all for now. Thank you.
So, how's everyone doin'?? :3

bobby165324 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A group chat sounds cool. Would it be here or on a different chat service, like Discord or Skype?
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