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I Am Error.

Well, fellas. This was definitely NOT the way I wanted to start off Summer. From anxiety issues, to not having money for bills for a while, to struggling to look for another job, to SO MUCH STRESS from insurmountable family errands.

To cut another long story short, these past couple of weeks have been one ongoing train wreck, and it's still going. Let's talk about finances for a bit: some time ago, I had to shell out $300 out of my bank to make sure me and my folks are caught up with the Falcons Season Tickets (which are mandatory for keeping the PSL's.) Of course, that would mean over-drafting and all... BUT, being a dingus, I forgot to cancel the dental plan that I needed to get my cavities filled in last summer, as I no longer need it. Now, I've over-drafted again, and I've close to a NEGATIVE $400 deficit. And the upcoming disability check ain't gonna help much, either, because I'm no longer working. And that's when I'm gonna need some help. Badly. And I REALLY REALLY hate to sound like one who's desperate, but if you can, lend your brother fox a hand, yes? Because in many ways than one, I kind of regard doing arts here as my second-hand job. A rather less-stressful job that works for me. And once more, I'm still OPEN.

Also, I don't believe I've been honest with y'all about something, and I think it's best to get it out now so I shouldn't revisit this:
The REAL reason I haven't been active as I hoped lately, is because every single day I get into some heated back-and-forthing with my folks, these feelings just hang around, and that greatly affects my confidence, and it doesn't just go away in just an hour or so. Be honest; you had those moments where you wouldn't want to be bothered with for the rest of the day because of some crap, yes? If so, then you're not alone.

Again, I'm not making this update to discourage y'all, but more so to let you know what was going on so that I don't wanna keep leaving y'all in the dark like I have already. And for those of you who have asked me for an Art Commissions, in some ways I feel like I've let you all down. I was supposed to get back to these requests as promised, but I believe there's no excuse. Satisfaction was and still is high on my list for drawing for you guys, money or no money.Even though what happened on my end was out of my control, leaving y'all in the dark like that couldn't be the most unfair from me. So if y'all decide that my services are not good enough, then I only have myself to blame. At this point, I'm still struggling to get back on my feet. Once again, I'm NOT dead. And I'm still drawing, just slowly.

And I believe that's it for the moment. If I have missed anything not covered here, PLEASE let me know. And you know: this could be a vent-ish update tonight. I'm really sorry for dragging you all through this, but it needed to be known. Thank you all again. Rupert out.


Where to start? Well, I am really digging your style as always, dude! And this comic series here is one surefire way to see what life w...

Okay, I gotta admit. This is, by far, the most bounciest of animation I have ever seen from you yet, man! =3 Really, this gives me QUIT...


Digital cartoonist from Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Furry and brony. Loves balloons, fat furs, MLP, and being smooshed!

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